“Jenny you were amazing on Saturday.
Putting together a great selection of corded lace, chantilly lace & Satin for my daughters 21st outfit. She wanted Cobalt blue & you achieved this surprising us with a great suggestion of adding the chantilly lace for an exciting textured effect on the bodice. We can’t wait to see this garment.
Thanks Jenny for all your great assistance & choices.”

Debbie Kepitis

“Hey!!! Thanks for your amazing help today. I love the range of fabrics you have, and such friendly and knowledgable staff!! Can’t wait to show you all my projects.”

Caitlyn Elliott

“Let’s just say this was the best service I have ever had from any of the suppliers that I know… Best quality and best products anyone will find in Australia thanks ladies Awesome Job xxx”

Stephen Abadair

“Fantastic service by the ladies from Saigon Fabrics. Don’t look elsewhere if you’re planning to make a special dress. Jenny & Susie know their fabrics well and bring a wealth of experience in helping you choose the right fabric to compliment your personality and skin tones. They will also open your eyes up to exquisite designs from overseas!”

Rachel Chen

“I have been buying beautiful fabrics and trims from Saigon Fabrics for more than 13 years. I also send all my clients there. The range is comprehensive and Im constantly finding some very special things that I fall in love with….
Always excellent service. I absolutely love losing myself in this store.
The best place for retail fabrics in Sydney by far”

Anna Maurer Bridal Couture

“Just bought some stunning fabric from Saigon fabrics for my new bridal display, I love that shop, its like a jewel!! Jenny and Susi are so knowledgeable they really know their fabrics and always make me and my clients feel special, I guess that’s what years of experience and providing the best quality and service will give you. They make my job as a bespoke bridal designer a dream!!! You can rest assured their service is second to none.”

Yan Pothin

“As a designer of three decades I value Saigon Fabrics as the ‘Go-To-Place’ in Sydney for the best range of quality French, Italian and Spanish Fabrics.
Love the Stock, the layout of the shop and most of all the wonderful informed service from Jenny, Susi and the ever handsome, Daniel.”

Jean Bas

“Saigon Fabrics is a magical wonderland where your fashion fantasies can come true with a wide and ever changing palate of exquisite, artisan fabrics from the world’s best designers to help celebrate every important occasion from Christenings, Balls, Weddings and Glamorous birthday parties.

We always visit here if we want something special and memorable but more importantly the staff, Jenny, Susi and Daniel, provide friendly, expert advice to help navigate the beautiful array of fabrics and accessories to best suit our requirements.

It is a joyful and exciting occasion in itself to visit Saigon Fabrics, which we hope to do for many years to come, especially with three young Daughters!

All the best and looking forward to marveling at the next season’s range.”

Janet Ying Hong Len

“Saigon Fabrics is the best place in Sydney to buy beautiful, imported fabrics from the top designers from Paris to Italy.
I’ve been shopping at Saigon Fabric for the past 8 years, along with some of Sydney’s finest bridal Couturiers, the quality and service is world class.
Not only are Jenny & Suzi great ambassadors for the international luxury fabric industry but they also have amazingly talented designers and fashion manufacturers on staff to assist you with your dream dress.
There is no other store like Saigon Fabrics that I’d trust when purchasing fabric. It is a treasure trove of the finest fabrics from around the world. I’ve always found the ladies to be honest, polite & professional.
Saigon is my go to store!

Darren Smith

“There is no wedding fabrics stockists in North Queensland that can even compare to the beautiful lace and tulle I have purchased! Being interstate, a face time call so I could shop as if I was there, and susi just so helpful! Fantastic! Thank you”

Mika Johnson

“Working at the very top end of bridal couture I need much more from my Fabric merchant than the basics of good service, keen prices and quality – I need inspiration. What I love about Saigon Fabrics is that it is a little bit of Paris in Sydney.

Every time I go there I am fascinated and inspired by their incredible range and variety. Their range is always fantastic but it is continually highlighted with special inspirational pieces of lace, silk, embroidery and beaded pieces which are cutting edge European design. Combine that with the best prices and the best service and you have the dream combination known as Saigon Fabrics.”

Rhonda Hemmingway – Bridal Couture. 2011.

“After I have met with my client and designed the gown, I start searching for the fabrics; my first destination, is “SAIGON FABRICS”.

I will always find that unique piece that suits my design! This puts my mind at ease to know that I can trust that they will always have something the suits my style.”

Ervan Woo – Bridal Designer / Hair stylist / Make-up artist. 2011.

“Dear Jenny & Susi,

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how my wedding went. It was simply amazing. I felt like a princess, as every woman should on their wedding day and I owe a great deal of that to the dress I wore.

It would not have been the dress it was if it weren’t for the incredible fabric. So thank-you so much for all the assistance you gave both my mother and I.

The bridesmaids looked equally as good and mum’s outfit complemented the bridal party perfectly. Everyone was complementing us the entire day.”
Once again many thanks,

Pauline Cox

“Recommending my brides to Jenny and Susi gives me peace of mind for I know that my clients will return to me with the most beautiful of silks and laces that are required to create their dream gown.

Jenny and Susi’s inspiration and knowledge equips my clients with an understanding that for their dream gown to be created, requires the right fabrics.”

Yulia Mc – Yulia Mc Couture. 2011.

“Dear Jenny & Susi,

I would like that say a very huge thankyou for all the girls help in Saigon fabrics for my bridesmaids dress. Making a special trip down from Newcastle was a worthwhile trip, the colours blended in lovely having the skirt material specially dyed to the same colour as my invitations. I have attached a photo of the girls.”
Many thanks again,

Carolyn de la Riva

“Decision making in a store like Saigon Fabrics can sometimes be hard for any bride with the amount of choices available to them from their gorgeous range. Susi and Jenny make that journey easier, fun and inspiring. I highly recommend all my clients there and grateful with the assistance and advice they provide in order to make it an easier process for the client and myself.”

Elizabeth Bayne – Couture Designer. 2011.

“Saigon fabrics is the best place to look if it’s originality you are after. Their extensive range of the latest designer laces, beaded and unleaded, trims are a must see, the choices are are endless. I absolutely love taking my clients there and watch their faces light up as we step into this jewel of a fabric store, they simply love the experience!”

Yan Pothin – Soma Design. 2011.