Custom Made Gown

Saigon Fabrics takes great pride in offering a stunning array of bridal lace and beaded lace fabrics for discerning tastes. A unique custom made gown designed and custom made just for you, can become a reality when you shop for fabric at the premier fabric showroom in Sydney.

Why buy a ready to wear garment that someone else is already wearing and which doesn’t really capture your unique style and personality? A custom-made gown is all about you and lets the world know who you truly are. Be noticed and envied as you stand out in a creation that has been designed and crafted just for you.

Our bridal lace fabrics are sourced from around the world for their individual beauty and unique qualities. Beaded lace is a delight to look at that, and can be fashioned into wedding gowns, mother of the bride dresses and beautiful evening wear attire. Saigon Fabrics has an extensive range of lace fabrics on display in its showrooms which can only be truly appreciated close-up.

If your eye has been attracted to what is being shown off in overseas fashion shows and design studios by leading international designers such as Elie Saab, Valentino and Zhurhair Murad, then you can incorporate the fabrics used by these famous fashion houses into your very own custom-made gown. Saigon Fabrics regularly imports exciting new season designer fabrics from Paris and major international fashion centres. These are handpicked by Susi and Jenni based on their design and quality, as well as their suitability for the Australian bridal wear and evening wear markets.

Leading Sydney dressmakers and couturiers frequently visit Saigon Fabrics to seek inspiration for their designs and to see first-hand what fashion trends are emerging with fabric choices. It’s no surprise because of the stunning range of exquisite fabrics that can be fashioned into elegant bridal gowns, beautiful bridesmaid dresses, stylish mother of the bride dresses and elegant evening wear.

Best of all, if you are looking for the right fabric for your own custom made gown, Jenni and Susi and their experienced team of professionals are on hand to provide invaluable and much needed advice on fabric selection. Their knowledge of the industry and their passion for their products is unmatched and your assurance that a visit to Saigon Fabrics for your custom-made gown will be a trip that you will delight in.